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Your body is made up of electricity

People are starting to realize the many benefits of PEMF therapy from MagnaWave. This isn't a new concept or snake oil. It's been around the US since about the 50s when it was originally cleared by the FDA for Edema in soft tissue. Today's technology has reopened the doors to exploring the possibilities of what all it can do. The most notable proven science was the mending of non-union bones which was an effective treatment cleared by the FDA in 1979. And most hospitals today still offer the treatment.

Your body is made of protons and electrons, positives and negatives, and everything runs off that current. When good electromagnetic fields are added to our daily lives our body gets help taking care of itself. Not only does it assist in improving what nature intended, it also rids the body of toxins. 

Don't be skeptical, give it a couple sessions to see and feel the changes in your body. Some results can be pretty quick and some can take time. That's why it's best to talk with Brittany and determine a treatment plan based on your problems you would like to address. 


We offer in-home treatments, or a location offered by Brittany. 

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